Friday, May 30, 2008

Ideas Great and Dumb

Ideas are rarely
Great or dumb.
They're mostly fairly
But there are some,
Without a doubt,
That, great or dumb,
Have stood way out.

These thoughts provided
By our minds
Can be divided
Into kinds.
New ways of seeing
Call cognition,
Invention being
Dubbed ignition.

Cognition's when
You realize
There's more here than
What meets the eyes.
Ignition's more
Like inspiration,
Making for
Acts of creation.

But there's a link.
These are related,
Though some think
They're separated.
The comprehension
That leads to sciences
Spurs invention
of home appliances.

Is rife with schisms,
A panoply
of something -isms.
All this effectual
Leaves intellectual

From the fossils
Up to missiles,
From apostles
with epistles,
Millions of rows
Of leather-bound tomes
Filled up with prose,
illustrations and poems.

The human mind
Can help us find
Our raison d’ĂȘtre,
Et cetera.

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