Monday, June 23, 2008



Most things in nature that we've found
Have shapes that basically are round.
Some crystals' sides are square and flat,
But most things just don't look like that.

We don't know when it came about
But somebody had figured out
That storing baubles, beads and bangles
Benefitted from right angles,

And so, instead of slap-dash domes,
We started building box-like homes.
The box was quite a snazzy place
With lots of extra storage space.

So whether it's just to adorn, or
For more space, just add a corner.
When the house gets full of stuff,
Stick it in corners. They hold enough.

There's lots of buzz about the wheel,
But really, that is no big deal.
Though history books will scarcely mention
Corners ... what a great invention!

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