Friday, August 15, 2008


Fire remains one of the most powerful and compelling phenomena in our experience. We continue to be fascinated by it, and go to considerable lengths to have fireplaces, campfires, candles, and other forms of combustion available. We also think of fire as a metaphor for passion ("burning desire"), anger ("burning with rage"), ailment ("inflammation"), hell ("inferno"), destruction ("incineration") and, on the flip side, life itself ("the spark of life").

Fire is incredibly useful, not only for cooking and heating, but for cleaning, manufacturing, propulsion, and pretty much anything else associated with energy technology. Fire is also, obviously, capable of great destruction.

Fire was one of the classical elements, along with earth, water and air.

Obviously, fire has had tremendous impact on our daily lives and on our imaginations. I could write volumes more about it. However, if I don't get back to work, I'll get fired!

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