Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coffee (work in progress)

(May be sung to the tune of When You're Lying Awake..., from the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta Iolanthe.)

When you’re lying asleep,
Having counted your sheep,
And your clock is alarming insistently,
And you’ve got to wake up
Try a hot, steaming cup
Of the brew that will rouse you consistently.
It’s a magic elixir
That’s easy to fix, or
Go buy a cup already brewed.
Drink it hot or ice cold,
Regular, mild or bold,
It will certainly brighten your mood.
For it’s made from the very
Same bean in the berry
Of plants grown in tropical climes,
And whose beans, when pulled off, we
will use to make coffee
(Though that’s not the greatest of rhymes.)
Then these beans are all roasted
And carefully toasted
And ground into coarse or fine powder,
Then mixed with hot water
As thin as a broth or
As thick as New England clam chowder.
Then you really can’t wait
To let it percolate
So you savor it dripped or French pressed.
Your heart skips a bit
As you jump to your feet
And remember it’s time to get dressed.


Margaret Fieland said...


Love your poem! I don't know Iolanthe well enough to remember the tune or I'm sure I'd be humming it for the rest of the morning.

Check out my poem, Java,
on my poetry page:

Unknown said...

Thanks, Margaret!

As a refresher, you can click on the Audio link to hear the tune, also available here


Joy Louise said...

Great poem! I love the smell of coffee but rarely drink it. I'm going to share it with my husband, he's a coffee person going back to his baby bottle!


Unknown said...

Thanks, Joy! I love the baby bottle image ... gives me an illustration idea.


Ann Marie DiVecchia said...

Ha ha! Great poem, Peter! You are so funny. It was great to discover your blogs!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Ann Marie!