Wednesday, November 5, 2008



When the populace makes a selection
It is frequently done by election.
This is not without flaws.
Some electoral laws
Are sorely in need of correction.

In the early democracies Greek,
Every citizen could choose to speak.
But the term citizen
Just referred to free men,
So they really formed kind of a clique.

The first question is: Who gets to vote?
That itself has raised issues of note.
The U.S. Constitution
Had botched the solution
(Later fixed in amendments we wrote.)

Politicians are frequently pandering,
Or insulting their rivals by slandering,
Or election promoters
Redistrict the voters,
A practice known as gerrymandering.

Desperate moves include assassination,
Or distributing disinformation.
Yet despite these defects,
A system which elects
Is better than one by dictation.

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