Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Theater


It seems to be a human trait
That we should act things out.
Some tales demand we imitate
How events came about.

For elders who did want to reach
Their young with cultural training,
The theater was way to teach,
While being entertaining.

We also found that ritual
Could make us feel correct.
The powers-that-be habitual-
ly demanded respect.

We added music, speech and dance
To help these rites evolve
To spectacles that could entrance
As well as problem-solve.

Early Egyptian dramas speak
Of Osiris and Horus.
While Thespis, the first actor Greek,
Mixed dialog with chorus.

In every corner of the globe,
There's some theater tradition.
It offers us a way to probe
Our own human condition.


Marion Eldridge said...

Very clever - really enjoyed hearing your reading!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Marion, for all your comments. I guess the theater one had a special resonance for me, ham that I am.