Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ponzi Schemes


'Round the world, just as throughout this land,
People often have dreams that are grand.
Some may think a great feat
Would be trying to cheat
On the law of supply and demand.

Ponzi thought he had a way around it.
But his fortune? The feds did impound it.
After incarceration
His own declaration:
"I went looking for trouble, and found it."

Investing is always a trade-off,
But not as it's practiced by Madoff.
Those who get in at first
Might just be reimbursed
But the others will never get paid off.

Countless others have tried out such schemes,
Building fraudulent revenue streams.
For those who've been caught
Freedom cannot be bought,
Though a few may be living their dreams.

Ponzi victims all sign up consensually
Hoping fortunes will grow exponentially.
Each new sap in the door
Helps pay those from before
But it always collapses eventually.

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