Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Limerick of the Day #30

It's the start of the G-20 summit.
As a gesture, the Dow didn't plummet.
The cooperation
Of every nation
Might ease the pain, or at least numb it.


Ann Marie DiVecchia said...

Peter - I think you should send these limericks to NPR. Did you ever listen to the show, "Wait, Wait, Don't tell me?" These would be perfect for that show! It airs on Saturdays, I think at noon, but you can check the website.

These need some exposure!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Ann Marie! Yes, I love Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me, though I'm not sure I see where the limericks would fit in. Maybe I could get Carl Kasell's voice on my answering machine.

Paul Horwitz said...

You could offer a service to folks who want to append them to their email signature. They could subscribe and their signature would be automagically be updated every day.

Unknown said...

Paul, I like it! I'd have to figure out how to make that work with different mail readers. Of course, you could always append a link to this blog: www.ideasgreatanddumb.com