Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Telephone

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When you are feeling all alone
And need someone to talk to
You can call on the telephone
Your friends too far to walk to.

Alexander Graham Bell,
With Tom Watson, his staff,
Had built a gadget they could sell:
The acoustic telegraph.

In eighteen seventy-six one day,
Bell's lawyers filed his claim
Just hours after Elisha Gray
Had his lawyers do the same.

Gray's lawyers filed a caveat
Declaring his intention
To build the phone, but he did not,
So it became Bell's invention.

The phone was quite a huge success
Though nobody had yet
Imagined one that's wireless,
Or fax or Internet!

So if your friends all want to get
In touch when far and near,
Just take this small bluetooth headset
And stick it in your ear.

Alexander Graham Bell,
With all of his know-how,
Did not imagine voice mail hell
Or "Can you hear me now?"

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